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DIM for Men | Alpha Advantage

DIM for Men | Alpha Advantage

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When it comes to balance issues, many men don’t even realize they have them. Because of a number of factors, including age, the body’s chemistry gets out of sync. An unbalanced state can affect everything from your happiness to your available energy and even hormones. An imbalance can show up as various health concerns. 

For men, a common imbalance is an over-abundance of estrogen combined with limited or reduced testosterone production. This can create a number of issues, but not to worry— natural help is available.  DIM for Men combines three effective ingredients:

DIM, which is DI-Indol-lil-methane (diindolylmethane)



This synergistic blend creates an abundance of balancing metabolites, meaning DIM for Men works on a cellular level to affect change.

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